Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Culture and I.R.Iranian Foreign Pilicy            0000-00-00
2    English School and IPE: Two Approaches with Different Anthologies and Similar Epistemologies            0000-00-00
3    A comparative study on Foreign Policy of Ahmad Ghavam (132 -1326) and Mohammad Mosadegh (1330-1332) based on Holsty model.    M.Sc.    Gheysouri, Mohammad    2013-02-19
4    The review of The factors affecting Afghanistan’s foreign policy after september 11th.    M.Sc.    hasanzade, ahmad    2013-06-02
5    China’s S0ft Balancing Foreign Policy to wards America(after Cold War – 2012)    M.Sc.    samadi fard, fatemeh    2013-10-15
6    the suryey of effect of Russia, America competition on regional integration and disintegration proeess in central asia (bais on theory cantori and spiegel)    M.Sc.    Latifan Alaf, Navid Reza    2013-10-30
7    Studying affective factors on arm race in Persian Gulf (2001-12)    M.Sc.    zarifian kamyab, seyedeh saeideh    2013-12-17
8    Energy supply security and U.S. military engagement in Persian gulf (1991-2011)    M.Sc.    ziaei, seyed morteza    2014-02-04
9    Considering The Effect Of Economic Globalization Process To Economic Diplomacy Place In American' Foreign Politic After Cold War to 2013    M.Sc.    Noormohammadi, Javad    2014-02-09
10    The survey of Global Economic Crisis on the EU integration Process in 2008-2013    M.Sc.    haidari, abdolreza    2014-03-10
11    Syrian crisis and relationship between Iran and Turkey (2011-2013)    M.Sc.    barati, layla    2014-03-11
12    Compare the policies of the USA and Russia against developments in Syria (2011-2013)    M.Sc.    jalayeri, esfandiar    2014-04-27
13    The Study of israel’s security approach toward iran’s nuclear program before and after Islamic revolution of iran    M.Sc.    Bagheri, Mohammad Reza    2014-04-27
14    A comparative study of America's foreign policy during the Clinton and Bush, son of the South Caucasus countries (1992- 2008)    M.Sc.    Morteza, Ali    2014-04-27
15    comparative study of the policies of the usa and russia towards syria development    M.Sc.    jalayeri, esfandiyar    2014-04-27
16    Investigate of the Reasons for the Formation and Development of the World Economic Forum (Davos)    M.Sc.    Poolaiy, Yaser    2014-06-29
17    positing of lebonanes hezbollah in middle eastern stratejy of iran    M.Sc.    Shahri, Alireza    2014-09-15
18    Studying Central-Asian Status in Iran-Russia Relationship    M.Sc.    hashemi, mohammad reza    2014-12-08
19    Survey of the Social and Intellectual Origins of the Absence of the Federalism in the Drafting of the Afghanistan’s New Constitution    M.Sc.    hashemi, sedighe    2015-02-03
20    content analysis of the international atomic energy agency resolutionson on irans nuclear program 2003-2005,2005-2007    M.Sc.    mohamadzadegan khouei, arash    2015-02-22
21    Examining the requirements of Iran – Saudi Arabia competition for the Iraq Situation from 2003 to 2014    M.Sc.    AL KHALIDI, MOHAMMED ABDULWAHID HASHI    2015-03-08
22    The outcome of contentions between iran and saudi arabia and internal developments of yemen    M.Sc.    roshanai, peyman    2015-03-15
23    compairing russian andamerican foreign policy toward 2014 ukrainian crisis    M.Sc.    soleimani, amir    2015-03-15
24    The comparative Studying Iran's Strategies for changing its position in the world-system Relations during the second Pahlavi and the Islamic Republic periods    M.Sc.    moghani rahimi, ahmad    2015-05-12
25    Studying the Effect of Changing the International System in the Post-Cold War on Military Spending Countries - The Case of the Permanent Members of the Security Council    M.Sc.    fadaee, masood    2015-06-16
26    The construction of P5+1 identity in the course of the nuclear negotiations (Case study: Iran newspaper 2003-2013)    M.Sc.    jafari, mohammad    2015-06-23
27    The role of regional competitiveness and reliability of the emergence of extremist groups in the Middle East    M.Sc.    ashofte, mostafa    2015-06-23
28    The implications of Indian- Pakistani rivalry on security and stability in Afghanistan(2001-2014)    M.Sc.    Mohammadzada, Ali Reza    2015-10-06
29    study the areas of competition between Iran and Pakistan in afghanistan (2001-2015)    M.Sc.    sheikhi, shahriar    2015-12-06
30    Scrutiny of barriers to regional cooperation toward the threat posed by drug trafficking (Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan)    M.Sc.    Arjmand Rashidi, Solaiman    2015-12-27
31    Peace Tryst: Designing International center Of Islamic Peace In Tehran, Emphasis On Regionalism, cultural    M.Sc.    DADKHAH KALATE, FATEME    2016-04-17
32    Review The Causes Of The Difference Between Security Politics Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran And Saudi Arabia In Persian Gulf    M.Sc.    jahanara, hamid    2016-04-26
33    research is to investigate the failure of the ordering in Libya from the Arab Spring to the -national- consensus government    M.Sc.    abhari, hasan    2016-04-26
34    Studying the results of regional power maximizing by I .R .Iran and Saudi Arabia on their bilateral relations.(2003-2016)    M.Sc.    darvishi, unes    2016-04-26
35    The study of Opportunities and Challenges of the Energy Transition from Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Siddiqi, Mohammad Salim    2016-04-26
36    Studying the impact of religion in foreign policy of Islamic Republic of Iran toward Israel (1979-2016)    M.Sc.    rafieenejad, reza    2016-05-09
37    the study of parties role in political stability of india from 1990 to 2015    M.Sc.    Raeisi, Saeid    2016-05-23
38    Studying the Role of Sectarianism in Failing Democratization during the Proces of Arab Spring(case study:Bahrain, Yemen, Syria)    M.Sc.    alemroudmajani, mohammad    2016-05-25
39    The Impact of international institutions and conventions on the Human Right situation of refugee women in Iran (Case Study Afghan Women)    M.Sc.    Nikparvar, Neshat    2016-10-19
40    The analysis of Volker Rittberger theory on the formation of international organizations Case study: European union, Shanghai cooperation organization and Economic cooperation organization    M.Sc.    ahmadi nik, abdollah    2016-12-30
41    Investigating Factors of Continuity of Cutting Official Relations between Iran and the United States (2003-2016)    M.Sc.    amanikeykanlo, farideh    2017-03-12
42    Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses of Mashhad in Play Role of City Diplomacy Based on SWOT Analysis    M.Sc.    Zangi, Farzaneh    2017-03-12
43    Studying the Process of the U.S and Russian Management in the Crisis of ISIS    M.Sc.    fazelzadeh, maryam    2017-04-18
44    The impossibility and Possibility of an agreement on Iran's nuclear program comparison Three presidential Periods (Khatami, Ahmadinejad and Rouhani).    M.Sc.    akbari, zahra    2017-05-02
45    Studying the role of the battle against terrorism in bilateral relations between Afghanistan and America (2001-2017)    M.Sc.    TANIWAL, MOHAMMAD SHARIF    2017-06-06
46    Examining the consequencs of the conflict of Iran – America for the Iraq’s national security 2003 to 2017    M.Sc.    AL SHUWAILI, HUSAM    2017-10-17
47    A comparative study of Iran-Saudi Arabia role in managing Afghanistan’s conflict    M.Sc.    Hafiz, Hafiz    2017-10-31
48    Studying factors of Russian support of Syrian government between 2011-2007    M.Sc.    Khojaste, Mohammad    2018-01-17
49    role of Paris agreement on consolidation of climate change regime    M.Sc.    Elmi, Amin    2018-03-13
50    The Role of Food Diplomacy in Creating Soft power: Case Study Iraq, Syria, and Yemen    M.Sc.    mir, saeedeh    2018-05-22
51    The Decreasing U.S. dependency on middle eastern oil and its role in changing american grand strategy in the region    M.Sc.    kaboli, ebrahim    2018-06-18